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Substitute Classroom Teacher

at Harrison County Schools

Posted: 9/2/2019
Job Status: Part Time
Job Reference #: 309
Keywords: teaching

Job Description

TITLE:                                                      Substitute School Teacher         


IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:                Principal


SELECTION:                                           The position is filled by the Board of Education upon

                                                                  recommendation of the Superintendent of Schools.       

SALARY:                                                 Based on teacher's salary schedule, certification and



EMPLOYMENT:                                     200 days   


FUNCTIONS AND DUTIES:                 The successful applicant for this position must possess

                                                                  and/or show evidence of the following:


                                                                  *Valid West Virginia Certificate in the area for which


                                                                  *Strong academic background.

                                                                  *Demonstrates the ability to create a stimulating and

                                                                    motivating environment for children.

                                                                  *Exhibits a practical knowledge and understanding of

                                                                    childhood developmental needs.

                                                                  *Exhibits proficiency in planning lessons designed to

                                                                    meet student needs.

                                                                  *Demonstrates an understanding of procedures

                                                                    utilized in the currently adopted Basal Reading


                                                                  *Exhibits an understanding of principles needed to

                                                                    obtain positive classroom student behavior via Assertive

                                                                    Discipline procedures.

                                                                  *Demonstrates knowledge and/or experience relevant

                                                                     to the position.

                                                                  *Demonstrates skills in writing and peaking.

                                                                  *Understands the concept of Developmental Guidance

                                                                    and how it applies to the elementary classroom.

                                                                  *Show evidence of experience and/or training in the

                                                                    areas of reading/language arts, methematics, and


                                                                  *Exhibits knowledge and/or experience working with

                                                                    students that need remediation in reading/language

                                                                    arts, and mathematics.

                                                                   *Demonstrates expertise in the use of a variety of

                                                                    mathematical manipulatives.

                                                                  *Exhibits knowledge of the different modalities of


                                                                  *Knowledge and/or experience working with


                                                                  *Demonstrates workable knowledge of the content


                                                                  *Demonstrates the ability to select teaching strategies

                                                                    that complements individual students' learning styles.

                                                                  *Exhibits an understanding of the purpose of criterion

                                                                    reference testing in the teaching/learning process.

                                                                  *Demonstrates the ability to translate

                                                                    reading/language arts, and mathematical objectives

                                                                    into workable lesson plans.

                                                                  *Demonstrates an understanding of how to use

                                                                    computer software in the areas of reading,

                                                                    mathematics, and composition.

                                                                  *Exhibits evidence of skills and/or experience in

                                                                    maintaining a cooperative working relationship with

                                                                    staff, students, and public.

                                                                  *Demonstrates knowledge and ability to implement

                                                                     routine classroom management techniques.

                                                                  *Understands and interprets test data in order to

                                                                    improve learning, confidence and moral of students.

                                                                  *Any combination of training and experience which

                                                                    would lead to successful employment as an

                                                                    elementary teacher.

                                                                  *Any alterations to the aforementioned qualifications

                                                                    as the Board may find appropriate.




  1.   Program of  Study:




Provides curricula required by the State of West Virginia


  1. Bases instruction on adopted curricula for the school.
  2. Demonstrates accurate and current knowledge in subject field.
  3. Develops appropriate objectives.
  4. Employs appropriate instructional strategies.
  5. Utilizes content scope and sequence in planning.


 2.      Classroom Climate:




Provides an atmosphere conducive to learning consistent with school/county mission.


  1. A.    Follows established school discipline procedures which include the WV Student Code of Conduct.
  2. B.     Establishes procedures and rules that enhance learning.
  3. C.     Encourages students' attendance.
  4. D.    Sets high positive expectations for student performance.
  5. E.     Encourages and acknowledges individual student accomplishments and appropriate behavior.
  6. F.      Treats students in a fair and equitable manner.
  7. G.    Accommodates individual learning differences.
  8. H.    Creates and maintains an environment that supports learning.

 3.      Instructional Management Systems:




            Organizes strategies for teaching to maximize the use of allocated instructional time to increase student learning.


  1. A.    Prepares and implements lesson plans.
  2. B.     Begins lesson or instructional activity with a review of previous material as appropriate.
  3. C.     Has materials, supplies and equipment ready at the start of the lesson or instructional activity.
  4. D.    Introduces the instructional activity and specifies instructional objectives.
  5. E.     Directs students to be on task quickly at the beginning of each instructional activity.
  6. F.      Presents reading, writing, speaking and listening strategies using concepts and language which students understand.
  7. G.    Provides relevant examples and demonstrations to illustrate concepts and skills.
  8. H.    Assigns developmentally appropriate tasks.
  9. I.       Provides instructional pacing that ensures student understanding.
  10. J.       Maximizes student time on task.
  11. K.    Makes effective transitions between instructional activities.
  12. L.     Summarizes the main point(s) of the instructional activity.
  13. M.   Encourages students to express ideas clearly and accurately.
  14. N.    Incorporates higher level thinking skills.
  15. O.    Assists students to develop productive work habits and study skills, enabling communication with parents as needed.
  16. P.      Provides remediation activities for students.
  17. Q.    Designs, delivers, and assesses student learning activities addressing the state adopted instructional goals and objectives.
  18. R.     Integrates a variety of technology applications and learning tools to augment student achievement.

 4.      Student Progress:




Gathers, stores, and monitors data related to student learning for use in assessing progress toward achieving the instructional objectives.


  1. A.    Follows grading policies and regulations.
  2. B.     Maintains accurate and complete student records.
  3. C.     Monitors and evaluates students' progress.
  4. D.    Provides feedback on student work.
  5. E.     Monitors student attendance.

 5.      Communication:




            Communicates with students, parents, educational personnel and others.  Utilizes standard grammar, listening skills, and clarity in the presentation of ideas.


  1. A.    Communicates student progress according to established procedures and policies.
  2. B.     Communicates regularly and effectively with students, co-workers, parents/guardians, and the community and exhibits appropriate interactive skills.

 6.      Professional Work Habits:




Demonstrates behavior which reflects established professional responsibilities.


  1. A.    Adheres to established laws, policies, rules and regulations.
  2. B.     Interacts appropriately with other educational personnel.
  3. C.     Participates in activities which foster professional growth.
  4. D.    Is punctual with reports, grades, records, and in reporting to work.
  5. E.     Performs assigned duties.
  6. F.      Strives to meet county/school goals.


Primary Location: Other

Shift Type: Part-Time

Job Contact Information

Applications will be accepted
Monday, October 22, 2012 12:00 AM  -
Tuesday, June 30, 2020 11:59 PM
(Eastern Standard Time)